Dear Mike,

"I wanted to let you know how much I truly appreciated your helpfulness and expertise in designing the two different renovation projects - remodeling our kitchen prior to selling our townhouse and then designing the renovation of our basement level in our new single family home, creating an additional  full bathroom, bedroom and storage space.  We have been extremely pleased with the end results - the beautiful kitchen was tremendously helpful in selling our townhouse and the increased living space in our basement is extremely well- designed and functional.   With both projects, you made several suggestions regarding cost-effective materials while still providing for both quality and aesthetic appeal.  I will definitely recommend you to others!"
Joan Whitney
Silver Spring,MD
"Mike helped us select cabinets, counter tops, flooring and made design changes to give us a lot more work space. Within just a few months, we had a gorgeous and more efficient kitchen. When we sold our townhouse later that year, the new buyers said the main reason they bought it was for the beautiful kitchen (the wife was about to enter cooking school)."
Elaine and Mike Viccora
Fairfax Station,VA

"Our kitchen is esthetically beautiful & very striking & we will be forever grateful to you."
Jane Hirsh
"I can't thank you enough. Your intuitive approach to the design process offers a perspective that is often overlooked"
Ted Bergeron

"Mike created a fully functional kitchen out of a tight galley space that had been haphazard in appearance and devoid of counter space. His designs balanced the historic fabric of our house with the modernity we sought in the kitchen, bringing in the latest in appliances and technology and making much-needed storage drawers and shelves. His plans, and helpful suggestions along the way, made the kitchen an attractive part of our home."
Virginia Price
"It was because of the kitchen that our house on Arnon Chapel Rd sold. The details and all of the great ideas that you came up with made a strong impression on everybody who looked at it. Our realator after one look at the kitchen said they would have no trouble selling it, and they were right. We will contact you in the future when we are ready to remodel our new home."
Maureen Salamack

"With a very small budget and even tighter space, Mike designed a superior townhouse kitchen for a serious cook. The clever storage solutions, sound layout and   beautiful cabinets make this room my favorite in my house. Mike is great to work with and delivers a terific product. I highly recommend him."
Lisa Pittman
Mike was great, he recommended many changes that were inexpensive and quick, resulting in a much improved and more useful kitchen. First, he showed us several different cabinet types, all with thick doors, and we settled on a very attractive light colored birch, which has proven very easy to maintain. Next, he recommended a dark countertop with rounded edges so our small children would not be injured if they walked or bumped into it, and it is easy to keep looking clean. He also found floor tiles that closely matched the countertop pattern, were easy to install, and look clean all of the time. He also suggested a couple of innovations that we would not have considered, but now we cannot live without them – sliding shelves instead of deep cabinets, which can be pulled out to easily find things; Lazy Susan racks for spices, which make very efficient use of space, and also easy to find things; cabinet doors on the breakfast nook side, to improve appearance and allow usage of previously wasted space; and track lighting with dimmer switch under the cabinets, which brightens up all the corners of the countertops. Not only is the kitchen much more useable, it is much brighter and appears larger. We have received many compliments on the upgraded kitchen from visiting friends and relatives.
Jeanne & Chris Mussig
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Mike designed my kitchen a number of years ago, but people still ask if I just had it remodeled. After meeting with several kitchen design groups and getting disappointing designs, I was delighted at the unique concepts that were developed for my kitchen. I ended up doing a redesign of the most of my first floor, and now have a fabulous set up for entertaining. In addition, Mike was able to adapt some ideas I had seen into the kitchen, giving me more of a “furniture look” versus cookie cutter kitchen cabinets.. My kitchen is truly unique, and has stood the test of time. Just a few weeks ago, I had to laugh when my plumber said this is a really well designed kitchen.
Joanne Heininger
We decided to totally remodel our kitchen after trying a series of
small improvements. We were working with another company, but did not
like their design. Mike Robinson proposed the design solution that
made it all come together. He understood our aesthetic and helped us
create our perfect" kitchen, particularly given the difficult space
within which we had to work.
Barbara Byron

"Mike has helped me design and plan for the renovation of my master bathroom. While Mike's business is focused on kitchens he knows his way around the home improvement business and has proven to be a valuable resource on many occasions. If you're looking for a company to help you with your home improvement needs, you owe it to yourself to call Mike Robinson first."
Greg Grehawick

Mike was wonderful to work with. Easy-going and yet when I came up with a hair-brain idea, he gently but firmly explained why it wouldn't work and offered a compromise that would work. He convinced me to put the sink in the corner so I'd have room for a cupboard next to the dishwasher to store all those things that clutter up the area under the sink! That's been one of the best things we did. Our kitchen is only 9 x 9 and I do believe we used the space to its maximum advantage! It has been 10 years
or longer since we re-did the kitchen and I wouldn't change a thing.
Mary & John  Bell