FINE Custom Kitchens

How can FINE Custom Kitchens help me?

Some people take an active interest in their kitchen project and others are overwhelmed by the various decisions to be made. There are those who are very particular about what they would like and still others who have no idea how to start or what things to consider. I cater my services to each customer痴 specific needs. A good designer plays several roles; advisor, educator, innovator and, on occasion, hand-holder. It痴 my job to determine how I can best be of assistance and create a kitchen environment that is both functional and beautiful.

How will we work together? 
We値l have an initial discussion over the phone and/or during an exchange of emails.
I値l want to know: Why you want to remodel your kitchen? What do you want to change? What should stay the same? At the end, how will you know this is the kitchen of your dreams? What are your thoughts about budget?

We値l meet at your home.
We値l set up an appointment to meet in your home at no charge. I値l analyze the space and learn more about your needs. I値l also review a possible range of costs for your project.

We値l determine which FINE Custom Kitchens services best suit your needs.
I will offer suggestions on ways to proceed. FINE Custom Kitchens offers a variety of options to tailor our service to your needs, including:

      * Provide 3 Dimentional depictions of your existing plans. For those who
        already have a design in mind but are looking for help visualizing the space.

     * Design remotely for anyone willing to provide measurements, review plans and
        exchange information via email. While I prefer to work directly with the client, this
        would offer some savings to the individual who chooses to do some of the work.

     * Design services & sale of products with a minimum commitment to purchase
       cabinetry. This service includes a thorough needs appraisal plus a design with a floor
       plan, elevations, and perspective drawings. A detailed cost estimate is then prepared.
       The drawings remain the property of FINE Custom Kitchens. Once a contract has
       been signed and payment received for the cabinet order, the drawings are released to
       the client. In addition once an order is placed, FINE Custom Kitchens is responsible
       for ensuring that the cabinetry will fit in the proposed space as long as there are no
       alterations to the space after final measurements.

    * Design services only which includes an initial design, meetings in your home and
      subsequent revisions (up to six times). This option is best for the individual who has a
      commitment to buy from another source but is looking to secure the services of an
      independent designer. This service includes a thorough needs appraisal plus a design
      with a floor plan, elevations, and perspective drawings. The drawings then become
      your property. However, the dealer placing the cabinet order is responsible for any final
      measurements and order clarifications to ensure that the design can be implemented.

    * How much are FINE Custom Kitchen services?
      Fees vary according to the level of service as described above and are non-refundable.
      However, customers who purchase the cabinetry have the fees credited to the
      purchase price of the cabinets.

What happens next?
Check out the FINE Custom Kitchens web site to see some of the gorgeous kitchens we致e remodeled and read testimonials from our customers. Call or email Mike Robinson so we can help you finally have the beautiful kitchen you deserve!

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